Wow. How profound. I want to say something profound in return but I can't, because you've said it! I definitely buy in to what you are calling the TAZ. I think it happens when like-minded people come together, or sharing an event or occasion.

As part of my therapy for fatigue I've been working with the autonomous nervous system. My therapist says that we co-regulate of others. And we do. For example, going to a Buddhist meeting lifts everyone because we co-regulate the feelings of Buddhahood and empowerment. TAZ is also karma and collective karma - the 8th consciousness. The karma to be at a film festival or to witness that man tightrope walking between the twin towers (which was insanely crazy and amazing!)

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Sorry guys - those of you who received this via email got a not-cleaned up version that had some of my while-writing notes left behind. Apologies!

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