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I've only read half and I have to go to a meeting but I will read more later! I wanted to comment though:

a) I love what you did with the button text, lol

b) thank you for linking to my page

c) this week we are having a heat wave and I have seen what has happened in Europe but also in Texas where my cousin says it's been >100F for 30+ days and counting plus no rain for 45+ days and counting

d) Ah, the gray hair. I stopped coloring my hair during the pandemic and have been delighted to finally find a little gray finding it's way in. FREE HIGHLIGHTS!! Do you know how much people pay for highlights? One part of aging I am looking forward to is gray hair. I love gray hair on women, I think it looks so much like wisdom. However, I do have my own "thing". Last night I was laying on the floor and working with my arms above me when I noticed the skin on the inside of my elbows looked like "old lady skin". I normally wear long sleeves and long pants and I haven't seen this on my hands and face (though it's there on my neck if I let myself look) but on my arms, it was so clear and so surreal and weird. How can I have old lady skin? Time goes so fast.

e) I was listening to a podcast a couple days ago where she was talking about moving toward the things that scare you, skillfully. But she also talked about how easy it is to look back and only see the hard things and the challenges, especially in relationships, and what if we could see more of the whole? Let ourselves see the good and the bad, not naming something as all one or another. It resonated with me, and it's not the first time I've thought that way though I hadn't put it with the past. I want to balance my writing more with silliness, joy, laughter - AND still be "real" and not push away the hard things.

Have a good day Vasant!

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