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I’m Vasant, a writer/director living and working in Mumbai. I was one of the writers of Sacred Games S01, India’s first Netflix show that was nominated for an International Emmy in 2019.

Apart from being a writer/director, I also an avid photographer with a huge bank of images accumulated over 15 years that I use for my own inspiration all the time. My photos have given me a lot, that’s what I want to share forward.

If you’ve enjoyed my Instagram account, you may have noticed that I am always trying to get the best collaboration out of a photo and the written word. My posts were always about a picture and the words that accompanied it, so here I am trying to take this further.

I always felt a need for a slower and more reflective experience between what I create and what is consumed. This newsletter seems to be a possible answer.

Every email will lead with a photograph, because photography gets me thinking. And talking; about writing, books, film, arts, culture, people. The intention to share inspiration, life-hacks and to always be readable (you can hold me up to this if I don’t!)

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“Yet Untitled” is a weekly photo essay on life, writing and culture by Vasant Nath - a writer who takes pictures and makes films.


Vasant Nath

Vasant Nath is a writer who takes pictures and makes films. He's known for his work on Netflix's SACRED GAMES, Season 1.